Founded in 1992, Shenzhen McLaren Blue Wire Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the suburbs of Shenzhen, covering an area of more than 10,000 square meters. The environment is beautiful, the air is fresh, and the transportation is convenient (West China Longhua, Shiyan, east to Pinghu, Longgang, Fenggang, Tangxia in the north, Buji and Putian in the south, has about 300 employees.
Macro Blue is a professional manufacturer of headphones, data cables and other special wires from new product development to assembly. The company's registered trademarks are: the main products are: lacquered earphone cable, Bluetooth headset cable, microphone cable and microphone arm, network microphone cable and other earphone wires, medical cable, hearing aid cable, computer peripheral cable, very thin special wire, data Wire, braided wire, and PVC, TPE rubber and so on. Products are widely used in mobile phones, computers, networks, stage speakers, various music players, and medical, etc., mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the mainland, the product quality enjoys a high reputation, and has been well received by domestic and foreign merchants for many years. The praise has won the support of the new and old customers, direct and indirect customers are: SONY. Sennheiser. KOSS. Samsung. Magic Sound. Pioneer. Panasonic. Philips. UE.LG. Logitech. Xiaomi. Huawei and so on.
The company has strong product research and development capabilities, with a high level of process manufacturing capabilities, can quickly develop a variety of special specifications of headphones and data wires, very thin special wires (0.02-0.08mm enameled wire, special alloy materials, etc.), and Other wires, etc.
The company has a large number of advanced production equipment and professional testing equipment, and constantly introduce new equipment, new processes, new materials and new management models. At present, the monthly capacity of electric wires is more than 15 million meters.
Over the years, the company has been focusing on improving internal management and improving product quality and service quality. We regard “execution, innovation, precision, service” as our corporate tenet, and always adhere to the principle that “quality is the starting point of value and dignity, and that enterprises rely on it for a living. The business philosophy of "Lifeline", bold innovation, courage to open up, strict adherence to national laws and regulations, in the future will lead the market trend more refined direction, and strive to create "McLuolan brand" wire and headphones to win more customers Concern and satisfaction.
As the market needs the direction of the company's future development: constantly develop new products, the brand focuses on the design, development and production of the enthusiast-grade headphone cable, audio cable and top-level headphones (M-1 dynamic headphones have been listed).
After several years of development, the finished earphones were finally launched in 2015. The follow-up ring iron and moving iron headphones are being designed and developed, and will be launched after June 2015.
With 20 years of professional wire manufacturing experience, strong technical force, complete testing equipment, welcome domestic and foreign merchants to visit us, negotiate business, and create brilliant together!
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