What changes will the rise of smartphones bring us with more and more accessories?

Time:2019-06-14| Author:admin

     With the increasing use of smart phones, a large number of accessories have emerged, ranging from the most basic mobile phone shell, screen film to headphones, dust plugs, charging treasures, and so on. While choosing a lot, it also confuses consumers, especially some "problematic" products, which may damage your mobile phone in the process of use.

    An inconspicuous data line

    Is data line harmful to mobile phone? The answer is probably certain. In the eyes of many consumers, data line is not very important. When mobile phone is charged, just find one that can be used at will. For good or bad, as long as it can be charged, it will make many mobile phones unconsciously sustained damage by data line.

Bad charging wires do not match the mobile phone when charging. False power or slow charging are easy to occur when charging. If this is the only way, it seems tolerable, but the poor charging line is different from the original installation, and the mismatch with the mobile phone will easily lead to the phenomenon of current instability, which will affect the circuit and motherboard of the mobile phone, and reduce the service life of the mobile phone. Bad charging wires are also very easy to break down, and it won't take long.

     2. Dust-proof plug-wound interface of mobile phone.

     Out of love for mobile phones, many people will buy a dedicated dust plug for mobile phones, from earphone interface to charging interface, as long as the open interface will have the idea of "blocking". The logic of consumers and sellers is that fine particles of dust enter the cell phone through headphone holes and charging ports, which can easily lead to short circuit of the internal components of the cell phone, and the cell phone can not be turned on normally. Therefore, we need dust plug protection.

     In fact, in the process of smartphone production, device interface dustproof is considered, which does not need third-party protection at all. It can be said that the sellers of this kind of dustproof plug are using the consumer's love for mobile phones to carry out marketing, and various dustproof plugs, especially metal dustproof plugs, will wear the earphone interface, causing indelible traces. If the soft rubber dust plug is not up to standard, it will break your earphone interface; metal dust plug may also damage the circuit at the earphone interface, or even cause short circuit of the mobile phone.

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